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Welcome to our Club, Conejo Valley Flyers.  Our club serves RC flyers of all types in the Conejo Valley Area.

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Thanks to the AMA's Support and Development/Improvement Grant program and our great members our 200 x 25 foot asphalt runway was completed April 2012.  Plans are to expand to 400 x 25 foot of asphalt as our membership grows. Map to field: Google map


The CVF's have 2 club trainers for those new to RC flying and in need of flight training. See demo Wil Troutman flight training.

Trainer video

New Paving Feb 2012

New Paved runway Feb 2012  

New road to Field/Parking area and office Dec 2012  

Walkway to Pitts Dec 2012  


Club flying videos posted by members.  


Mel's P51 with Mr RC sound module Merlin.


Mel's P51 with Mr RC Sound module BMW Radial. No tail wheel control.


Mel's P51 with Mr RC Sound module Pratt and Whitney double wasp Radial.  No Tail wheel control.


CVF Tomas Simatovic flying first video Tomas Foamies at the AMA Expo.  If you are interested these are quality afordable planes see the announcements on this page for info. Second video is at the CVF field flying his slick 50.

Skyraiders Mel, Bob and Mike
Bill's Mig 17                


 Jeremy's F4U Corsair        hdfqpnvpqpvcnpqvqnpvppp



Volker's FPV                    


Monthly Club Meetings Held at The Goebel Senior Center located at 1385 E Janns Rd, Thousand Oaks California, Join or visit Public is welcome, Next to the TO Library; 


  The club meets on the 3rd Wed of each month (7:30 pm).  You can join our club at the monthly meeting, by printing out the form on the join page following the mailing instructions or contacting a club officer.  You must be an AMA member for club membership.  

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