ARTICLE I               GENERAL


Section 1:        Name

The name of this club is the Conejo Valley Flyers


Section 2:        Definitions

A.              The word “Bylaws” when used herein means the Conejo Valley Flyers Bylaws.

B.               The word “Club” when used herein means the Conejo Valley Flyers.

C.               The words “General Membership” when used herein mean the entire club membership.


Section 3:        Meetings

A.        Meetings shall be held on a regular monthly basis.

B.        Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be called by the President, as he deems necessary.

C.        The President may, as he deems necessary and with the prior notification to the club membership, call a special meeting of the club at any time, place or date.


Section 4:        Duration

A.        The duration of this club shall be perpetual, or until it is dissolved by a majority vote of its general membership. 

Section 5:        Objectives

A.        To operate as a non-profit club (corporation), chartered by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and filed with the Secretary of State, California under Statement of Information Filing Form SI-100, file number C1864372.

B.        To provide mutual fellowship with other modelers to further the enjoyment of model aviation.

C.        To promote interest in model aviation.

D.        To promote our hobby and sport to the public in a manner that would create a favorable image toward model aviation.

E.         To promote safety in the pursuit of our hobby.

F.         To disseminate news in any manner to keep the membership informed.


Section 6:        Officers and Board of Directors

A.         The Officers of the club shall be the President, Vice President, Treasurer/AMA Contact, Secretary and Safety Officer.  

B.          The Webmaster is a position as appointed by general Club Membership and not a club officer.  At any time the Club  Membership may select and appoint a new Webmaster.

C.          The Board of Directors shall consist of Club Officers, along with one elected member for each thirty-club members, or portion thereof elected as needed by the club membership.


Section 7:        Club Seal

A.        The club seal shall be a round circle with a rabbit with wings in its center with the inscription Conejo Valley Flyers.

 Section 8:        Fiscal Year

A.        The club fiscal year shall begin July 1st and end June 30th.

 Section 9:        Bills, Notes, Checks, etc.

A.           All bills, payable notes, and checks of the club shall be made in the name of the club. The President or Treasurer and one other club officer shall be authorized to sign all such checks. The club Treasurer shall endorse all checks payable to the club and deposit same in the club’s account. No officer or member of the Club shall have the power to make any check nor endorse same in the name of the club nor contract or cause to be contracted any debt or liability in the name of or in behalf of the club, except as expressly prescribed in the Bylaws.

B.           Expenditures over $200 (whether a single expenditure or combined expenditures for a single purpose) must be approved by a majority of the Board of Directors or a vote at a duly called meeting in accordance Article I Section 12. 

C.          A Restoration Fund in the amount of at least $2000 shall be maintained and earmarked only for the restoration of the Club flying site as required by the Property Owners.

Section 10:      Membership Card

A.        Every member shall receive a membership card. The membership card shall contain thereon, the name of the member, period of validity, such other additional information as may be deemed necessary, and shall be signed by the Treasurer and shall bear the seal of the club.

 Section 11:      Amendments to the Bylaws

  1. The Bylaws may be amended, added to, or any part or parts thereof may be repealed by an affirmative majority vote of those members of the general club membership who submit ballots following proper notification to the general membership of the pending vote to be taken.


Section 12:      Voting

A.        All voting shall be done at a duly called meeting or by write-in ballot if one is provided.

B.        Each classification of member has one vote except family membership carries two votes.

C.        At a duly called meeting of the club, a majority vote means a simple majority of those members present who cast votes.

D.        For votes to change the club Bylaws, voting shall be done by written and identified     ballots.

E.         Approval to changes in the club Bylaws shall require a simple majority of those members of the club general membership who submit ballots.

F.         Ballots shall be published and mailed or emailed to the general membership a minimum of four weeks prior to the date when the date the votes are to be counted. Those members that do not have email will receive a ballot by US mail.

G.        Ballots may be submitted in person to any of the clubs officers at or prior to the published time and date for counting and tabulation of the votes. Ballots may be submitted in person, email or US mail to the club’s Secretary.  US mail must be sent to the Club Secretary at the mailing address posted on the ballot. Mailed-in ballots must be postmarked no later than two weeks following the date posted on the ballot sent to the general membership.

Section 13:      Obligations of Members to the Club

A.        A member shall accept and agree to abide by the Bylaws of the club as they are in force at the time he/she is accepted as a member, or as they may be thereafter amended, changed, modified, or adopted by the general membership.

B.        It is a member’s obligation to maintain a current mailing address and phone number with the club Secretary.

C.        Members of the club are specifically prohibited from acts set forth in Article II, Section 3.

D.        A guest flyer at the club field must be an AMA member or flying with a Buddy Box controlled by a Club member.

E.         A new prospective member will be allowed to use our flying site, but must join the club within a period not to exceed 30-days from the initial date of site use and be in compliance with the above guest flyer requirements.

 Section 14:      Rules of Government

A.        In any matter not otherwise covered by the Bylaws, or by resolution, “Roberts Rules of Order Revised” shall constitute the rule governing the meeting of this club.

 Section 15:      Expenses

A.        Expenditures incurred by an officer, board director, representative or the club while on club-approved business shall be reimbursed. Allowable expenses include, but are not limited to, yearly website hosting fee, website maintenance fee, publishing and mailing costs, costs of materials and supplies to be used by the club.


Section 1:        Eligibility for Membership

A.        Any person who has an interest in model aviation shall be eligible for membership in the club.

B.        All potential members must also be Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) members before being accepted in the club as members.

Section 2:        Classifications

A.        There shall be four (4) classes of membership: Junior, Regular, Senior Citizen and Family.

            1)         Juniors are members 18 years of age and or younger.

2)         Regular members are members 19 years of age and over not classified as senior citizen or family.

           3)         Senior Citizen members are members 55 or over.

           4)         Family members are members who are from the same household and may include Jr., Reg and Sr. Citizen.


Section 3:        Disciplinary Action

A.        The following shall be grounds for being dropped from the club:

            1)         Willful violation of the club Bylaws.

            2)         Unsafe and willful violation of club flying field rules.

            3)         Refusing or willfully neglecting to pay club dues, assessments or financial obligations to the club. 

            4)         Doing any act contrary to the best interest of the club or its members.




Section 1:        General

A.        The Board of Directors, with membership approval and the general membership by majority vote, may levy dues and assessments upon its members to provide funds with which to carry on the business and objectives of the club, including the payment of expenses, emergency or otherwise.

B.        All monetary obligations to the club are due and payable as provided in this Article III.

Section 2:        Annual Dues

A.        All members are subject to dues as long as they remain members. The club dues year shall be January 1 to December 31. Annual dues are due and payable on January 1 of each New Year. The grace period for dues payment is Feb 2nd of each New Year. A $20 late fee will be charged beginning Feb 2nd of each year.  Failure to renew by March meeting is grounds for loss of membership. The club Board of Directors may establish an extended grace period for late payment of dues in case medical or financial hardship. Hardships must be verified and approved by the Board.

B.        A member that joins the club after January 1 shall be charged prorated dues for the first year as a member. For this purpose, payment shall be prorated based on the number of whole months remaining in the year.

C.        Junior member dues shall be $25.00 per year.

D.        Regular member dues shall be $50.00 per year.

E.         Senior citizen member dues shall be $35.00 per year.

F.         Family member dues shall be $80.00 per year.


Section 3:        Assessments

A.        All assessments levied by the Board of Directors or membership shall be due and payable

when billed.

B.        Each application excluding junior members, accepted by the club for membership shall be required to pay a one-time $100.00 maintenance fee, to be paid all at once or $10.00 upon becoming a member, and $10.00 each month thereafter until paid in full.


Section 4:        Failure to Make Payment and Dismissal

A.        Any member who fails to remit a billed obligation to the club by the published date will be dropped from the mailing list and will lose their membership, field and website Access.

 B.        Any member who fails to remit his billed obligations for a period of two (2) consecutive

Months after they are due shall lose all rights and privileges as a member and be dropped from the club. The Board of Directors may make exceptions to this requirement if they determine that there are extenuating circumstances.

C.                 Normally reinstatement after being dropped from club membership will require new membership to include assessment of all new member fees. Reinstatement after being dropped without new membership assessment fees has to be approved by the Board of Directors and requires extenuating circumstance.


ARTICLE IV                        AGREEMENT APPROVAL


Section 1:        Conferences or Negotiations

A.        Conferences or negotiations concerning matters which affect the club as a whole, or in part, or affect the clubs property shall not be initiated, carried on, or concluded in the name of the club by any member, group, or groups of members thereof without prior approval of the Board of Directors or a majority vote of the general membership.



Section 1:        Eligibility and Election

A.        Any member of the club shall be eligible to hold any office of the Board of Directors.

Candidates will be either nominated or volunteer or be write-in candidates. The general membership of the club shall elect all Board of Director Members.

B.        Nominations for Board of Director will be requested each January by the Club Secretary. The Secretary shall notify each prospective nominee to ascertain their acceptance of the nomination.  Those persons not declining the nomination will be placed on the ballot with spaces provided for write-in candidates. The ballot will be mailed or emailed to the general membership at least 30 days prior to the February meeting at which meeting the votes will be counted.  New officers will take over responsibilities at the March meeting.

 Section 2:        Terms of Office

A.        The regular term of office for the Board of Directors shall be one (1) year and shall commence each year on the first day of March except the office of Treasurer which shall be 2 years and shall commence each even-numbered year on the first day of March.

B.        The term of office, if elected as a result of a vacancy in office for any reason, shall be the balance of the unexpired term and shall commence immediately upon election.


 ARTICLE VI                        PRESIDENT 

Section 1:        Jurisdiction and Duties

A.        The President shall be the chief executive and administrative head of the club. He shall supervise the affairs of the club, its functions and shall coordinate its activities. He shall be responsible for and supervise the managerial functions of the club. The President shall consult with and be assisted by the Board of Directors, the Vice President, Safety Officer and Treasurer/Secretary in furthering the objectives and policies of the club.

B.        The President shall be the clubs contact with outside clubs and organizations.

C.        The President shall preside over the club's regular monthly meetings.

D.        The President shall, as he deems necessary, call meetings of the Board of Directors to conduct the regular business of the club. A quorum at such a meeting shall be fifty percent (50%) of the officers and directors.

Section 2:        Presidential Committees

A.        The President may establish charge and appoint committees for services as needed in the furtherance of club projects.




Section 1:        Jurisdictions and Duties

A.        The Vice President shall:

            1)         Function under the President in carrying out the policies of the club.

            2)         Perform such other representing and coordinating duties assigned to him by the President.

            3)         Purchase the raffle prizes and administers the monthly raffle drawing if performed.

            4)         Preside over the clubs regular monthly meetings in the absence of the President.

            5)         Perform such other functions as may be assigned to him by the President.

B.        In the event the office of President becomes vacant for any reason, the Vice President shall become acting President, assuming those duties and jurisdictions provided in Article VI.




Section 1:        Jurisdiction and Duties

A.        The Treasurer shall:

            1)         Function under the President in carrying out the policies of the club.

2)         Be responsible for the general financial and fiscal administration of the club.

3)         Be accountable for the custodianship of cash funds, membership dues, initiation fees, assessments, AMA dues, and raffle funds.

4)            Be responsible for renewing the clubs AMA charter and corporation status each year.

5)         Cause an accounting system to be maintained.

6)         Cause a monthly financial report to be submitted to the membership, by having same published in the monthly newsletter.

7)         Exhibit the books and accounts to any club member upon request.

8)         Send notices to club members for payment of yearly club dues and AMA dues.

9)         Approve applications for membership in the club.

10)         Issue membership cards bearing his signature.

11)       Maintain and arrange to be published a current membership roaster and distribute to the club members semiannually or at shorter intervals if necessary.



Section 2:        Jurisdictions and Duties

A.        The Secretary shall:

            1)         Function under the jurisdiction of the President in carrying out the policies of the club.

2)         Act as custodian of the clubs documents, contracts (if any), leases (if any), deeds and bill of sales of the club property and general records other than those required to be kept by the Treasurer.

3)         Be responsible for keeping minutes of the clubs monthly meetings, attendance records and monthly newsletters.

4)         Attend to club correspondence including inquiries from members and the public concerning club activities.

5)         Make arrangements for and give notice of club monthly meetings.

6)         Sign club documents.

7)         Perform such other functions assigned to him by the President.

8)         Perform such other duties mentioned elsewhere in the Bylaws.

B.        In the event the office of Vice President becomes vacant for any reason, the Secretary shall become acting Vice President, assuming those jurisdictions and duties provided in Article VII.




Section 3:        Jurisdiction and Duties

The Safety Officer shall:

1)         Function under the President in carrying out the policies of the club.

2)            Maintain rule and regulations in compliance with AMA guidelines to ensure the safe and   responsible operation of the airfield.


3Section 1:

A.        Any officer or board director, either with or without cause, may be recalled from office by a majority vote of the general membership.

B.        Recall of any club officer or board director may be accomplished by a petition signed by a majority of the clubs general membership.




Section 1:        General

A.        The club flying site is located North of N. Wendy Drive, stationed at: +34° 11' 53", -118° 56' 32”, Newbury Park, CA 91320. This flying site is provided to the club on a no cost basis so observe all speed limit and rules when using the flying field.

B.        Property Owners shall be insured against liability arising out of the clubs use of the property. The club shall provide such insurance.


Section 2:        Flying Rules

A.       All Flying Shall:

  1)          Conform to the current AMA National Safety Code

2)           Conform to CVF Site Specific Rules as approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors or a vote at a duly called meeting in accordance Article I Section 12 and posted on the CVF Website (Members Section).


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