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Marty's provides a 10% discount to all current club members.  You must show a current club card signed by Randy Bronson to receive this discount. Click on Flyer to open Marty's Website.     


Tomas Simatovic is a Conejo Valley Club Member, very talented builder and pilot. He is now offering the Eagle 580 Foamy as a kit. If you are a club member Tomas will build and complete your kit using your provided electronics etc. Non-Club members or orders that must be shipped will be in kit form only. These kits are laser cut from 3mm foam. For club members Tomas will build your kit then deliver to the CVF Field for first flight, set up and delivery.

 Videos:  http://www.flyinggiants.com/forums/showthread.php?t=62527

For club members Tomas will build your kit $35. You purchase the kit and provide the electronics.Kit 1 is a cnc routered 3mm foam to 1mm and is $55. These kits are more competition and fly really light. While the milled kits are competition oriented they still perform and fly very easy. These kits however are more difficult to repair. Kit 2 is a unmilled kit non-cnc routered laser cut from 3mm foam and is not milled thinner, $45. These planes are more user friendly and would be a better choice for the non competitive 3D flier. Both kits are laser cut and fly really well (see video clips below). Build time is 6 hours’ tops. Contact Tomas if you are interested in one of these great kits. http://tasfoamies.webs.



Mr Rc Sound Modules www.mrrcsound.com for electric planes with wing span of minimum 55". Budget module is $102 shipped, has 4 engine sounds, volume control, 3"x3"x2.5 includes speaker and speaker mesh. Module A has Allison, Merlin, Daimler Benz and Lycoming engine sounds. Module B has Wright cyclone, P&W Radial, BMW and Lycoming.  The Pro version is $115 and is the same as above except with the addition of 2 gun sounds, it is still a compact one speaker design and puts out 97 decibles.Prices are for more than 5 module orders. Under 5 orders prices are budget $108 and Pro $121.  

Contact Mel Tufto for info and ordering. See Mel's P51 video this page.

See Mr RC sound Modules at: www.mrrcsound.com 


Parkflyers.com will ship free for orders over $100.  click link below to see Yak 54 3D


  Mustang P-51-D RC Plane


Road Trip Rip Adventure Photos  




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